Update your rims and make your entire vehicle appear new and exciting again. It's popular, easy, and cost effective.

durable powder coating rims

Durable powder coats rims in black, blue, chrome*, silver, pink, red, yellow, white... Any colour.

*Durable does not offer a chrome plating service, but does offer powder coating with a "chrome" colour.

And we offer them in your choice of flat, gloss, satin, matte, or with special effects like candy, metallic... Any finish.

durable powder coating black rim

We typically start by either blasting dirt and old loose paint off of the rim or by chemically etching the metal to better accept the new powder.

Next we apply a primer and bake it onto the rim, apply your choice of powder and bake the rim again. Then we add a final cover coat and the rim is baked a third time.

The final result is a tough yet attractive rim, which will seal the tire better (less air leaks mean better performance and tire life).

durable powder coating rims showroom

durable powder coating rims

durable powder coating rims


  • Standard 4-Stage Rim Package: $99 each

Turn Around Times

Orders generally take about a week from drop-off to pick-up.

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