Durable has you covered:

Durable Powder Coating guarantees that all products; under normal and intended uses, and as per all terms and conditions as listed in this Warranty; for a period of one year, will not chip, crack, fade, pit or peel.

All Warranty Claims require the Customer to provide a copy of the original sales order, prior to the expiry of the warranty period.

Normal and Intended Uses specifically does not include (a) spraying salt or abrasive cleaners/chemicals on the product; (b) damages caused by plant life, snow, earth or any other foreign materials directly on the product; (c) extreme heat; or (d) physical impact.

Other situations that are not covered under warranty include (a) corrosion or rust arising from underneath the coating, (b) covering over chrome, hot-dipped galvanizing or any other smooth finishes which are specifically designed to deter paint from attaching, or (c) covering directly over an existing finish - including oil finish on black steel.


Standard terms & conditions of sale for Durable Powder Coating (hereinafter called "Durable") include all of:

  1. Terms of Credit:
    1. FULL PAYMENT with order.
      1. Cash, Debit, Money Order/Bank Draft, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
      2. CHEQUES are accepted, but product will NOT be scheduled to be coated for a minimum of ONE WEEK.
    2. Special credit terms for Repeat Customers.
      1. As negotiated with our in-house Credit Manager.
      2. First time/one time customers are NOT generally offered special credit terms.
  2. Price Increases:
    • Unless the product has already been dropped off to Durable for coating, prices are all subject to increases without notice.
  3. Taxes:
    • Prices are all "plus taxes".
  4. Delivery:
    • The acceptance of a shipment by the Customer's choice of carrier shall constitute a delivery by Durable to the Customer, the same as if the Customer came to pick up from our facilities.
  5. Completed Goods left Uncollected:
    • Durable reserves the right to dispose of any completed goods that have not been collected by the customer within thirty (30) days from notice of completion. The Customer recognizes they are responsible for all costs incurred by Durable with respect to such disposal and that Durable may recoup any of disposal costs, and/or balances owed to Durable, by way of selling off the goods.
  6. Limit on Liability:
    1. Durable shall not be liable for any loss, damage or costs to the Customer incurred as a result of non-performance or delay in performance that is due wholly or partly to accident, fire, strike, Labor shortage, riot, war, acts of God, delays by suppliers, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Durable; provided that Durable shall proceed to diligently complete orders as soon as the cause for delay is removed and conditions permit.
    2. Durable's liability shall be limited in all cases to the Customer's actual direct damage to the products, and Durable shall not be liable for any prospective profit or for any special, indirect, punitive, exemplary, aggravated, consequential damages resulting from non-delivery, late delivery, or inability of the Customer to use the Goods.
    3. Durable shall act in accordance with normal tolerances, variations and limitations; consistent with practical testing and inspection methods familiar to the powder coating industry, as determined by Durable Powder Coating; in respect to composition, colour, finish, grading and/or quality.
    4. Durable accepts no responsibility for the structural integrity of the product being coated, and are in fact only responsible for the coating that they were hired to apply.